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[802SEC] Rules for electronic meetings

Here is what our rules have on electronic meetings and participation for WGs and Task Forces:

WG P&P 6.0 Meetings
Working Group meetings may be conducted either exclusively in-person or in-person with one or more participants contributing via electronic means, or exclusively via electronic means. Working Group meetings shall be held, as decided by the Working Group, the Chair, or by petition of 15% or more of the voting members, to conduct business, such as making assignments, receiving reports of work, progressing draft standards, resolving differences between subgroups, and considering views and objections from any source. A meeting notice shall be distributed, by a Working Group officer or designee, 30 calendar days in advance publicly and to the Working Group reflector. A meeting agenda shall be distributed publicly and to the Working Group reflector at least 14 calendar days in advance of a meeting. 

Meetings of subgroups may be held as decided upon by the Working Group members or Working Group Chair. 

Notification of the potential for action shall be included on any distributed agendas for meetings.

[I added a carriage returns for readability and topic separation. It is all one long paragraph in the rules. Also, there is a stray "j" after the paragraph.]

Note that it doesn't say very much about subgroup meetings. It isn't entirely clear whether the last sentence applies to subgroup meetings or all meetings. I assume all meetings. It doesn't have a meeting notice statement about subgroup meetings. That appears in an odd place - see below.

It allows for in person, electronic or mixed meetings and doesn't make any restrictions on whether electronic participation can be voting participation and count for attendance. Since it doesn't say anything special, my leaning is that since it doesn't say anything about voting, one would be on thin ice saying that remote participants can't vote. One can't say that a voter who is a local participant can't vote so why would one be able to do that with remote participants?

WG P&P 4.2.1 Establishment says regarding participation credit:
"Participation credit at a meeting is granted for at least 75% presence at that meeting. Participation credit at a session is defined as participating in meetings during at least 75% of the meetings slots (designated as required) for participation credit at that session."

I guess one could argue that presence means physical presence. Other than that potential ambiguity, it seems like a remote participant could get participation credit. 

LMSC Operations Manual: 7 Notice of meetings and ballots
A subgroup of a WG shall schedule all electronic meetings at least 10 days in advance, except
for electronic meetings concerning only regulatory communications, which shall be scheduled at
least 5 days in advance. All face to face meetings shall be scheduled at least 30 days in advance.

That's all I could find.
It seems like the rules allow for electronic meetings and don't need any changes other than perhaps clarifying participation and voting in a mixed meeting.

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