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[802SEC] Liaison from WP1A regarding Wireless Power Transmission

Dear EC,


A liaison from WP1A’s meeting earlier this month has been received. Due to the size of the document I have posted it on the RR-TAG Mentor website as 18-16-0044.


The topic of the liaison is Wireless Power Transmission (WPT). There are two forms of WPT being considered including one termed “beam” that will use radio as the means of transmission. During the WP1A meeting I met with Dr. Naoki Shinohara from Kyoto University. In our short but interesting conversation he acknowledged that 2450 MHz is seen as a globally available frequency band and is, in his opinion, the preferred ISM frequency band for WPT beam technology. He was also aware that WPT beam in that band could cause serious interference into Wi-Fi networks. WPT is also seen as a method of powering Zigbee devices.


WPT is an agenda item for WRC19. WP1A/SG1 has deferred approval of an ITU-R Recommendation on this until their June, 2017 meeting. However, due to the interest in this and other topics, WP1A has decided on an additional meeting to be held 22 – 30 November 2016. If IEEE802 (or other IEEE groups) have an interest in this topic it would be prudent to submit a contribution(s) to the November meeting of WP1A.


Best regards,




Michael Lynch

IEEE Liaison to ITU-R


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