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[802SEC] Additional change proposed for WG P&P


I was reminded that we have another cross reference error in the IEEE 802 LMSC WG P&P:

In 4.3 Review of Membership it says:
"Voting members are expected to fulfill the obligations of active participation as defined in Clause 4.1.1. When a voting member is found in habitual default of these obligations, the Chair shall consider the matter for appropriate action, which may include termination of membership."

This is AudCom text and refers to "4.1.1. Working Group Membership Status"

In our approved WG P&P, this is now "4.2 Working Group Membership Status", so the simple fix is to refer to 4.2.

However, neither our WG P&P nor the AudCom baseline actually define what is "active participation". In "4.2.3 Loss" it does say: "This rule may be excused by the Working Group Chair if the individual is otherwise an active member."

The status of 4.3 in the AudCom baseline is:
"This clause may be modified to include additional membership requirements."

To summarize, my proposal is to change "4.1.1" to "4.2" in "4.3 Review of Membership". Discuss amongst yourselves.

James Gilb

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