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[802SEC] IEEE Withdrawal process

Attached are the ballot and recirculation emails for the 802.17 recirculation ballot.

The content is just the normal ballot boiler plate with very slight modification. As a result, most of the text isn't relevant to a withdrawal ballot. 

The ballot opening email just has the line added to say "This is a withdrawal ballot;" It doesn't clarify that an approve means that you vote to withdraw and one voter voted Disapprove with the comment that the standard should be withdrawn. (Presumably that disapprove is the reason for the recirculation.)

It probably should say something like "This is a withdrawal ballot. An approve vote means that you support withdrawal of the standard" 

The text about one of the responsibilities being to ensure that the draft is within the scope of the PAR isn't applicable to a withdrawal ballot. The document being voted isn't a draft, There isn't an associated PAR to check the scope against (the PAR or PARs are long gone). 

Also there isn't a reason to have the text about the patent policy. 

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