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[802SEC] June Teleconference Minutes Posted


The minutes from the June 7, 2016 EC Teleconference call have been posted.  Please see  Please review and send me any feedback, as they will be considered for approval at the Opening Meeting (consent agenda).


Furthermore, below is an update to the action items summary.  Please review, and start sending me your status updates for preparation for the July opening Meeting.




John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC


Action Items Summary

Agenda Item 4.00

  • Action Item A– Stanley to draft policy language for Chair’s Guidelines, regarding submission of documents that will be considered by the EC, including location on Mentor, for consideration at July Plenary.


  • Action Item B – Thompson / Goldberg to work with IEEE-SA Staff to clarify language when a standard is being withdrawn.  Update to be provided at July Plenary.


Agenda Item 5.00

  • Action Item A – Rosdahl / Heile: Bring forward proposal for Nov 2018 SuZhou, China Meeting


  • Action Item B – Rosdahl – arrange discussion regarding unfettered Internet access as a meeting criteria during July “Future Venues Meeting” Thurs 7am meeting


  • Action Item C - For July – Lisa Ronmark (F2F) will be supporting July Plenary remotely.  All correspondence for July Plenary should be copied to Dawn Slykhouse, Darcel Moro, and Lisa.


Agenda Item 5.10

  • Action Item – Nikolich - Waive registration fees for invited guests – Rappatort (NYU), Hailemariam (Student Contest Winner), Kraemer


Agenda Item 8.00

  • Action Item A – Thaler – begin on-line discussions regarding individual’s objectives for enabling remote participation at face-to-face meetings, and hold an ad hoc meeting at July plenary. 


  • Action Item B – Thaler to identify rules topics necessary for holding electronic hybrid face-to-face meetings.  Status update at July meeting.


Agenda Item 8.01

  • Action Item – Thaler propose revisions to current Chair’s Guideline 2.16, at Sunday evening Rules Meeting at July Plenary.


Agenda Item 9.10

  • Action Item A – Godfrey / Law / D’Ambrosia to see if there is interest in 802.3 hearing the winning presentation.


  • Action Item B - Godfrey – confirm arrival / departure times with F2F for Hailemariam (student paper winner) for July Plenary meeting.


  • Action Item C - Godfrey / D’Ambrosia – add link to winning student paper on the IEEE 802 Website.


Agenda Item 9.2

  • Action Item – D’Ambrosia – Create liaison template for 802



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