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[802SEC] agenda item request form (mockup)


Last week, we had various discussions about formalizing the process of submitting requests for consent agenda items, or all agenda items, and we talked about templates for submitting motions.

I think that we can consider those issues together. As a starting point, I've knocked together a mockup of an agenda item request form that puts the form data into a request spreadsheet

If the settings are correct (and I can't promise that they are), it's supposed to work like this:

-the submitter submits the agenda item request form 
-some fields are validated for format; for example, the mockup is using regexp to check the format of Mentor document numbers and vote counts
-if the request regards a motion, then a block of additional questions is presented
-the request spreadsheet is automatically populated with the submitted data and time stamp
-the request spreadsheet is world readable, but is editable only by authorized parties

This is just a mockup. Some improvements could be:
-special formats for common motions (NesCom, RevCom, conditional approvals, etc.)
-automatic display of the completed motion based on the submitted fields
-additional fields for additional supporting documents

Perhaps there also ought to be a provision for auto-numbering the agenda items. And maybe a way to, in a request, cite a prior request that it supersedes. I'm pretty sure this is all doable.

Feel free to play with it and submit nonsense requests. If you find you need permission to copy or edit the form, let me know and I'll grant it.


Roger B. Marks <>
EthAirNet Associates <> +1 802 capable
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