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Re: [802SEC] Is America a suitable venue for 802 meetings?


The situation is, unfortunately, more complicated than that.

(BTW, your subject line is incorrect.  The March plenary is in "America" but not in the US.  It is sort of like the difference between Britain and England.)

The President's order has been stayed by a Federal Court ruling (that's good). So it has no effect in the short term.  Long term remains to be seen.

Moving our meetings to outside the US will not solve things under the current order of the President.  That is because US residents with "Green Cards" (i.e. a lawful permanent resident of the USA) apparently cannot re-enter the US under the order.  Thus any member of 802 who is caught up in this mess may not be able to travel to a non-US 802 meeting and then return home.  Thus we may be damned either way.

More good news is that the initial measure was only for 90 days.  The bad news is that we have no idea what the follow-up orders might be.

I agree that the question should be open for discussion.  My question would be the venue for that discussion.  I don't think the EC reflector or the EC phone call is sufficiently open.  It is not appropriate for a regular 802 EC meeting because of the time constraints imposed by our regular business.  My suggestion would be a special session in one of the Monday evening tutorial slots.  That should allow for full (non-conflicted) participation by all interested parties.  That would fully satisfy our very real commitment to openness.  Whether any such discussion can come up with a satisfactory solution proposal is a different question.



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On Jan 29, 2017, at 1:24 AMPST, Adrian Stephens <> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

Now that the USA discriminates about who can enter the country based on their country of birth,
we may have members or potential meeting attendees who cannot attend meetings of IEEE 802
because of that discrimination.

I raise the question for discussion as to whether it is appropriate to hold IEEE 802 meetings
in the USA while this policy is in effect,  given that one of the pillars of the IEEE-SA is
open participation.
Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
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