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Re: [802SEC] Proposed OM changes for March


It is intended to be subgroups other than administrative subgroups.

Likely we will need to rewrite it when we modify the P&P this year.

Thanks for finding that.

James Gilb

On 03/01/2018 02:34 PM, Pat Thaler wrote:
Hi James,

This is P&P rather than OM (and probably will take a while to act on), but
I'm having difficulty parsing part of 5.6 Other subgroups:
"The formation and disbandment of subgroups other than administrative
subgroups (e.g., WGs, TAGs, technical subcommittees, and writing groups)
require approval by a majority vote of the Sponsor."
Is the e.g. parenthetical giving examples of "administrative subgroups" or
of "subgroups other than administrative subgroups"?
WGs and TAGs are covered by prior subclauses in 5 and are mentioned in 5.1
Administrative subgroups so it seems that the parenthetical is listing
types of administrative subgroups since they are included, but technical
subcommittees aren't mentioned in 5.1.
What are technical subcommittees and writing groups?
There is no definition of Administrative subgroups other than listing the
EC, WGs, TAGs and ECSGs under 5.1.

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 3:37 PM, Jon Rosdahl <> wrote:

    the Agenda has the ICAID approval in both the OM and the Chairs that on purpose?

For the Agenda Item on "Badges and tutorials", I would like to offer the
following thought:
We ask the Hotel to try to assist and be diligent in security efforts and
to ask that anyone in our meeting area without a badge be escorted out of
the area.
This has not always been successful, as we did have a laptop be taken
while setting up for a Tutorial in Vancouver.
However, I would ask that there is a difference of waiving the
registration fee for the Tutorial and not having a badge.
We should all (especially the EC members) be diligent in asking to see
badges and to notify hotel security if we see someone with out a badge.
We can offer "Tutorial Guest badges" to those coming just for the
The Tutorial Guest badge can be made a different color or include a
marking to allow the chair to know if someone is in any other WG meeting
without a proper badge.
We should expect that it is not too much to ask Tutorial attendees to
register and getting a badge even if there is no fee.

My two cents,

Jon Rosdahl                 Engineer, Senior Staff
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cell:   801-376-6435 <(801)%20376-6435>      10871 North 5750 West
                                    Highland, UT 84003

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On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 9:14 PM, James Gilb <000008e8b69871c2-dmarc-> wrote:


I have posted the proposed OM changes summary in:

The changes (with the exception of the Privacy addition to the CSD) are
shown with redlines in:

and without redlines in:


James Gilb

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