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[802SEC] +++10-day EC Motion+++ Approval of IEEE 802 viewpoints on WRC-19 agenda items w.r.t. current IEEE 802 activities

Dear EC Members,
I would like to announce the start of an EC motion on viewpoints to WRC-19 agenda items (AI) related to current IEEE 802 standards activity.  The original request was to have these for developing country regulators, though in RR-TAG discussions these viewpoints could be for other appropriate stakeholders also.
Paul has delegated to me to conduct an EC electronic ballot on the motion below.
This EC motion is per 802 OM 7.2 Procedure for communication with government bodies.
Motion:  To approve document, IEEE 802 viewpoints on WRC-19 agenda items. With the 802.18 Chair having editorial privileges, for approval and forwarding as needed to appropriate parties.
Approved in the RR-TAG:  10/0/0
Mover:   Jay Holcomb
Seconder:        Dorothy Stanley
Start of ballot: 06 April 2018
Close of ballot: 16 April 2018
Note: The TAG approved r03 the marked-up version.  We were out of time and I invoked the editorial privilege to make r04, the clean version. 
Jay Holcomb
Itron, Inc.
IEEE 802.18 Chair

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