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[802SEC] Information for the 802 EC

IEEE standards development has projects that are conducted using either the individual process or the entity process. In the individual process, all participants represent themselves as individuals, and do not represent any entity. As noted in subclause 5.2.1 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws (


"Participants in the IEEE standards development individual process shall act based on their qualifications and experience. Entity representative participants in the IEEE standards development entity process are appointed by an entity to represent that entity and act on its behalf. Such representatives may participate in IEEE standards development activities and take action based upon instruction from the entity for which they have been appointed as an entity representative."


As such, in the individual process, the participant is not to be directed by their affiliation, and must act based on their own qualifications and experience. In the entity process, the representative is appointed by the entity to represent that entity and act on its behalf.


The US Department of Commerce has issued a denial order against ZTE (see


Participants in the individual process cannot represent any entity, and must represent themselves only as individuals with their own qualifications and experiences. In that instance, those individuals are permitted to participate in the individual standards development process as individuals participating in an open meeting for the purpose of development and publication of consensus standards.


Participants who are employed by or who declare an affiliation with ZTE will be asked to confirm their understanding of and compliance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws pertaining to their participation in the IEEE individual process. If you need to verify this confirmation, please contact me.


Some Sponsors issue invitation letters for visas. IEEE is suspending the issuance of these letters until it confirms the appropriate compliance with the Order. As soon as we have an update, we will inform you.


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