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[802SEC] Procedural Issue for Discussion (1/3): LMSC enforcement of WG procedures

Dear EC,

At the November EC closing meeting, I presented ec-18-0233, entitled "Three Procedural Issues for Discussion." The result was an Action Item: "Marks continue discussions noted in ec-18-0233-00-00EC in rules meetings." In preparation, I would like to raise each of the three issues on the reflector for your further thoughts. This thread covers Issue #1.

Issue #1: LMSC enforcement of WG procedures

Recently the EC had a case in which an LMSC motion was debated on grounds that it had not met all internal WG procedures, when the alleged failure involved a WG policy more restrictive than the LMSC policy. I wonder:

*Is this valid grounds for the LMSC to reject a proposal?
*Is the EC responsible to police WG procedures beyond LMSC requirements?
*What are the appeal issues if the EC ignored an internal WG restriction?

I don't have the answers, but I think that the problem is interesting and would like your views, either as opinions on how we should proceed or as facts about how this general issue is considered elsewhere in IEEE.



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