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[802SEC] Procedural Issue for Discussion (2/3): Call for Patents in non-PAR activity

Dear EC,

At the November EC closing meeting, I presented ec-18-0233, entitled "Three Procedural Issues for Discussion." The result was an Action Item: "Marks continue discussions noted in ec-18-0233-00-00EC in rules meetings." In preparation, I would like to raise each of the three issues on the reflector for your further thoughts. This thread covers Issue #2.

Issue #2: Call for Patents in non-PAR activity

Q: Should a Call for Patents be issued at a Study Group or other meetings that occur before approval of a Project Authorization Request (PAR)?
A: No. However, it is recommended that the Patent Slides for pre-PAR Meetings be used in these meetings.

Nevertheless, many pre-PAR or non-PAR activities present the PAR slides and issue a Call for Patents; I have observed this time again and again, including many times this month. I think it's the wrong thing to do, because IEEE says not to, it wastes time, it detracts from meaningful Calls for Patents, and it puts an undue burden on the participants. I'm not sure whether the PAR slides are being shown due to lack of knowledge of the policy or to a disagreement with the IEEE-SA's recommendation.

The LMSC Chair's Guidelines includes a subclause 2.9: "Patent Policy announcement instructions." This specifies (using the word "shall") actions regarding the slides, even though IEEE-SA language is softer ("The IEEE-SA strongly recommends that at each WG meeting..."). Similarly, I think we should add specific language to 2.9 to mandate the use of the pre-PAR slides in non-PAR meetings.

Here is my proposed addition:

*2.9.1 and 2.9.2 be subsumed under the heading "Standards Development Meetings"
*A parallel subclause should be added:

Non-PAR Meetings
At meetings of a group working not under the auspices of a PAR (e.g, meetings of TAGs, Standing Committees, Study Groups, and interest groups), the IEEE-SA PatCom "Patent Slides for Pre-PAR Meetings" shall be shown. In such cases, the IEEE-SA PatCom "Patent Slides for Standards Development Meetings" shall not be shown and no Call for Patents shall be made. As an exception, the "Patent Slides for Standards Development Meetings" may be shown, without a Call for Patents, in meetings held for for informational or educational purposes.

By the way, 2.9 is obsolete and needs to be reviewed overall.

Your thoughts are welcome.



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