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[802SEC] temporary 802.15 WG Chair appointment

Dear EC Members,

The 802.15 WG Chair, Bob Heile, is not able to attend the November plenary session, therefore I appoint the the 802.15 WG Vice Chair, Patrick Kinney, to serve as the temporary 802.15 WG Chair, effective immediately. 

Pat, per the 802 P&P* I'm supposed to get 'input from the WG', there isn't time for that in this instance, therefore I request you obtain confirmation of the appointment from the 802.15 WG at next week's session.

Thank you and regards,


*802 WG P&P 6.3 Temporary appointments to vacancies. 
If an office becomes vacant due to resignation, removal, lack of nomination at an election or for another reason, a temporary appointment shall be made for a period of up to six months. In the case of Chair or Vice-Chair, the Sponsor Chair shall make the temporary appointment, with input from the WG.

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