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Re: [802SEC] +++ EC Early Close Motion: modify IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual

Hi All

I also vote disapprove

The need is a temporary solution to address the needs of July, not a permanent redefinition of how we hold plenary sessions. I fear there are many unintended consequences of the proposed changes which have not yet been fully (or responsibly) considered.

The change that allows the LMSC chair to suspend a rule under exceptional circumstances allows for dealing with the challenges of July.  The proposed changes are not necessary to meet the immediate emergency need.The only identified issue not so addressed, the loss of voting rights due to lack of attendance, is not a critical need. The problem of obtaining voting rights was addressed by the LMSC chair by noting the WG chairs have discretion already to handle unusual circumstances.

Thus there is no need but considerable risk.



At 03:21 PM 6/4/2020 -0600, Jon Rosdahl wrote:
I vote disapprove,

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On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 2:09 PM Roger Marks <> wrote:
Dear LMSC,

The LMSC Chair has designated me to administer the following electronic ballot:

Moved: To approve the following changes to the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual:

(1) In subclause 5.1 ("Plenary sessions"), change the first paragraph:

"Plenary sessions are the primary LMSC sessions. All active IEEE 802 LMSC WGs hold their plenary sessions during IEEE 802 LMSC plenary sessions."


"Plenary Sessions are the primary LMSC sessions. An LMSC Plenary Session is a multiday set of meetings identified as an LMSC Plenary Session by decision of the Standards Committee. The LMSC Plenary Session venue shall be announced at least 30 days in advance. In exceptional cases, with less than 30 days notice if necessary, the Standards Committee may cancel an announced venue and may decide that the Plenary Session will be held by electronic means as an electronic Plenary Session on the preannounced dates per an announced time zone. With the exception of electronic Plenary Sessions, all active IEEE 802 Working Groups shall meet in-person (possibly with one or more participants contributing via electronic means) during each Plenary Session."

(2) In clause 5 ("IEEE 802 LMSC sessions"), delete the third paragraph:

"All active Working Groups shall meet during each IEEE 802 Plenary Session. All Working Group meetings shall be exclusively in-person. Additionally, Working Groups and Technical Advisory Groups are allowed to have electronic meetings to make decisions between Plenary Sessions, but such meetings do not count for participation credit."

(3) In subclause 4.1.3, change the first sentence of the second paragraph to:

"The IEEE 802 LMSC meets in-person during in-person plenary sessions and electronically during electronic Plenary Sessions."

Moved: Marks
Seconded: Law


(a) The ballot opens 2020-06-04 and closes no later than 2020-06-14 AoE.

(b) As this is an urgent matter, the ballot will be closed once sufficient response is received to clearly decide the matter.

(c) This motion is taken under clause 11.0 of the active (as of 2020-05-22) IEEE 802 LMSC Policies and Procedures <>. Accordingly, the revision was proposed on 2020-04-27 <>, more than the required 30 days in advance. As authorized, amendments to the proposal in response to comments have been made, as documented at <>.

(d) Changes would be made to the active IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual <>.

(e) The ballot requires a 2/3 vote of LMSC members. We have 13 voting members, 2/3 is 9 affirmative votes.



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