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[802SEC] reminder -- 802 restructuring ad hoc meeting 13:00-14:00 ET Tuesday 16 February

Dear EC Members,

This is a reminder, as agreed at our 19 January 2021 meeting, I will be hosting an 802 restructuring ad hoc from 1-2pm ET, Tuesday 16 February 2021. Please join me at a few minutes before 13:00 ET.

The slide deck for the meeting is at

Please take time to review the notes from the prior meetings as well, see the below links.



Draft agenda
a) Discuss, refine and agree on the scope of the ad hoc:
a.1) Discuss proposed 802 Scope by Roger and Geoff
a.2) Discuss areas of focus
a.3) Discuss hybrid meeting possibility

19JAN21 notes:
19JAN21 slide deck:

15DEC20 notes:
15DEC20 slide deck:

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