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[802SEC] IEEE P802.3de draft PAR and CSD response - MAC Merge and TSSI support for P2P 10 Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet

Dear EC members,

In support of subclause 9.2 'IEEE 802 LMSC Approval' of the LMSC Operations Manual please find below the required information in respect to the IEEE P802.3de Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Enhancements to the MAC Merge function and the Time Synchronization Service Interface (TSSI) to include Point-to-Point 10 Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet PAR for consideration at the July 2021 plenary.

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[1] Draft PAR and CSD responses:

Draft PAR: <>
Draft CSD: <>

[2] Explanatory technical background material:

IEEE Std 802.3cg-2019 defined point-to-point 10Mb/s PHYs with characteristics suitable for use in automotive, building and industrial automation environments. Many of the targeted application areas require Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) functionality and benefit from support of IEEE 802.3 functions used by IEEE 802.1 TSN. This project seeks to enable the use of MAC Merge and TSSI with these PHYs. The 10 Mb/s point-to-point PHYs specified in IEEE Std 802.3cg-2019 are currently excluded from one or both of these functions.

[3] Status of the development of the PAR:

The draft PAR and CSD responses are pending IEEE 802.3 Working Group approval at the July 2021 plenary.

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