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[802SEC] reminder of 802 reflector policy

Dear Participants on the 802 EC reflector,

I want to remind users of 802 and IEEE reflectors are obliged to follow this policy  Please specifically pay attention to the following: 

As a user of the Services, you may not:

a.    Send or forward any abusive, offensive, or unlawful messages or materials, that are:

.      illegal, profane, obscene, defamatory, inflammatory, unethical or
·      that could be construed as harassment or disparagement of others based on gender, race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, or religious or political beliefs or any other area or activity prohibited by law or IEEE policy; and communications which may damage the image and reputation of IEEE; 

I send this reminder because some of the email I've seen on the 802 EC reflector is offensive in my opinion -- please, everyone, let's stay courteous and respectful;  leave politics and emotion out of our e-mail discourse.  

Furthermore, the 802.3 WG email reflector policy is a good framework for 802 EC reflector participants to observe:



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