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[802SEC] WG15 motions for 802 closing plenary

Dear EC members;

I will have three motions to present to the EC which are expressed in document The first motion is on the consent agenda for first rechartering SG15.3ma which was sent out in a previous email, the second motion is for approval of forwarding SG15.3ma PAR to NesCom, and the third motion is for approval to forward draft P802.15.4aa-D10 to RevCom.  The 802.15 WG voted on the respective WG motions on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at its closing plenary.  The prepared EC motions are below.

SG15.3ma Study Group Recharter

Grant the first rechartering of SG15.3ma (revision to IEEE Std 802.15.3) Study Group
Move: Pat Kinney, Seconded: Tim Godfrey

802.15 WG vote result: 50/0/3 (Y/N/A)


SG15.3ma PAR Approval

Approve forwarding <SG15.3ma> PAR documentation in to NesCom
Approve CSD documentation in
Moved: Kinney  Seconded:Godfrey
Results: <Y>,<N>,<A>
802.15 WG vote result: 45/0/6 (Y/N/A)


RevCom motion: P802.15.4aa

Approve sending P802.15.4aa-D10 to RevCom.
Approve CSD documentation:
Supporting Documentation:
Moved: KinneySeconded: Godfrey
Result: Yes: x, No: x, Abstain: x
802.15 WG vote result: 
48/0/0 (Y/N/A)

Sincerely,  Pat

Pat Kinney
Kinney Consulting LLC
IEEE 802.15 WG chair, IEEE 802.15 SCm chair, IEEE 802.15.12 chair
ISA100 co-chair, ISA100.20 chair
M: +1.847.997.3775
O: +1.847.960.3715

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