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[802SEC] More on IEEE 802 Future meeting ad hoc

G’day all


It has been four weeks since the last remote-only meeting of the IEEE 802 Future meeting ad hoc. So far we have heard two perspectives on what has worked well and not so well in remote-only meetings over the last two years from:


There has also been a small amount of e-mail discussion, questioning the efficacy of holding remote-only meetings for various TG and WGs in a short block


Would anyone else like to share their perspectives … before I start driving the group towards conclusions?


The request for perspectives is based on the following questions:

  • What aspects of remote operation have worked during COVID?
    • Highlight real examples
    • Identify why remote operation was successful in these cases
  • What aspects of remote operation have NOT worked during COVID?
    • Highlight real examples
    • Identify why remote operation was NOT successful in these cases
  • What could be done to turn any failures into successes?
    • Describe some real turnaround examples (if any)
    • … or hypothesise about how this could be done


If we get a volunteer, I will suggest another remote-only call this year




Ben Rolfe’s notes from the session he led on 27 Oct 2021


How can we make meetings more efficient?

·       Streamline the meeting preamble: develop a concise and consistent way of presenting

o   Right now various groups do it differently and it can take a significant time

o   Most participants have seen it many times already

o   Could ask people to review the slides before the meeting (maybe on calendar entry)

o   Need SA input on how abbreviated we can get

·       Reduce meeting density during sessions (ie number of meetings running in parallel)

o   More flexible for remote meetings more than in-person or hybrid

o   Less overlap can improve cross-WG participation

o   Not practical for in-person meetings

o   Some overlap unavoidable - a month long virtual session doesn’t work

o   Overlapping some things is more OK than other things

Observations on in person vs remote:

·       Initial impressions are important in building working relationship

·       The importance may vary based on activity

·       Remote makes this more difficult

·       Seen this slowing things down in 2020-21

Observations on the “IETF Experience”

·       Different “normal” than 802

·       But similar impacts noted:

o   Easier to continue progress on existing projects, mature projects

o   New work slowed

Question about remote only (whether temporary or as an alternative long term):

·       Need a process for improved socialization

·       Could a virtual social be useful?

o   Been tried in other forums

o   Results mixed

o   Comment that (technical conference) it didn’t’ work


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