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Re: [802SEC] ACTION REQUESTED: input on Wi-Fi in wireless industrial networks

Resend to deal with broken pdf


From: Andrew Myles (amyles)
Sent: Friday, 26 November 2021 1:07 PM
Subject: ACTION REQUESTED: input on Wi-Fi in wireless industrial networks


G’day IEEE 802 EC


I sent the attached e-mail to the IEEE 802.11 WG e-mail reflector. However, the request could apply to other WGs too, especially:

  • 802.15 WG
  • 802.1 WG: Glenn, do I understand correctly that the 802.1 WG has decided not to respond?


Please forward it to your WGs as appropriate


Andrew Myles

IEEE 802 JTC1 Chair

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G’day all


Some people could not open the pdf, so here is different version




From: Andrew Myles (amyles) <>
Sent: Friday, 26 November 2021 12:39 PM
Subject: [STDS-802-11] ACTION REQUESTED: input on Wi-Fi in wireless industrial networks


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G’day IEEE 802.11 WG participants,


In ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6, the Korea NB is proposing a PWI (Preliminary Work Item in ISO-speak) for Deterministic Wireless Industrial Networks, based on an argument that neither Wi-Fi nor 5G technologies are able to satisfy many typical wireless industrial network requirements. I have attached the Korea NB’s submission to SC6. It will be discussed in SC6/WG1 at an interim meeting in February 2022


In my role as Chair of the IEEE 802 JTC SC, I have been asked to facilitate the development of a possible Liaison Statement about this proposal to SC6 for consideration in February 2022. This means that we need to approve the Liaison Statement in January 2022. Given the Christmas holiday disruptions, this means we need to start preparing ASAP. Please notify me if you would like to provide comments for inclusion in an IEEE 802.11 WG (or IEEE 802) Liaison to SC6, with an indication when you think you might have your comments ready for consideration by the IEEE 802 JTC1 SC.


Personally, I believe this is a great opportunity to describe how Wi-Fi 6 can satisfy many more requirements than are assumed by the Korea NB’s proposal, and therefore encourage the use of Wi-Fi 6/6E (and Wi-Fi 7 in the future) rather than alternatives. However, I would like the experts to weight in with solid evidence …


Thank you in advance for your assistance,


Andrew Myles

Chair IEEE 802 JTC1 SC

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Attachment: ISO-IECJTC1-SC6_N17531_PWI_proposal_on_Deterministic_Wireless_Industrial_Network.pdf
Description: ISO-IECJTC1-SC6_N17531_PWI_proposal_on_Deterministic_Wireless_Industrial_Network.pdf

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