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Re: [802SEC] Action item update re: recorded presentations

Hi Dorothy,


Thank you for getting answers to these questions


If I am reading this response correctly:


  1. Pre-recorded presentations are allowed as long as the presentation is posted to mentor.  So the videos similar to those generated by Roger are ok as long as they are available on mentor.  I assume this means that copies of the videos Roger provided should be uploaded to mentor and the links to the videos in the contribution should be updated.  It would probably be helpful if we defined a procedure or rules so the process is clear.  
  2. Recording or creating a transcript of meetings is not allowed.  I’m not surprised that a recording or transcript of the actual meeting is not allowed to be published as part of the public record.  This decision is in line with our current rules regarding meeting minutes.  (Note, this doesn’t mean pre-recorded presentations are not allowed.)





From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** <> On Behalf Of Stanley, Dorothy
Sent: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 1:45 PM
Subject: [802SEC] Action item update re: recorded presentations


Dear EC members,


At the November 19th closing EC meeting, I took an action item to
follow up with IEEE staff on questions related to presentation of recordings of submissions at our standards development



Please see the responses below.






2 Questions related to presentation of recordings


a) Situation is that a member records a video of themselves presenting their document. The video is posted (not on mentor, but could be put on mentor) for
members to view. Discussion of the video may occur in a standards development meeting. Presentation of the video might occur during a standards development meeting.


RESPONSE - As this is considered a contribution, the contributor needs to submit these items to the Chair, who shall place it in the Working Group repository.  

b) The webex tool makes both a transcription and a translation of a webex session available. We have not used these.
Do the rules allow or prevent these from being made available?


RESPONSE - A transcription or translation is the same as recording a meeting.  Only an officer may record a meeting and the recording may only be used to generate the meeting minutes.  Once the minutes have been prepared, the recording shall be deleted (see subclause Recordings of the proceedings of standards development meetings of the IEEE SA Standards Board Operations Manual).




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