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Re: [802SEC] July Plenary

Hi John, all,
I agree with Steve that mix-mode is a necessity for the very near future. My crystal ball seems to be inoperative, and the flux capacitor for my Delorean is on back-order (still) and lacking either it is impossible to predict the future.  However, a popular character of comic genius Gilda Radner always tagged: if it's always something.  There have always been people who for various reasons cannot make an in-person meeting and there will always be such.  Right now we have a significant number of attendees from China who are impacted severely by local restrictions. Perhaps this will clear by July perhaps not, but IMO the current situation justifies the mixed-mode decision that has already been made.  I suspect we may have the need in November also, which is a pure guess.  I anticipate a spirited debate over the long term future of mixed-mode, my personal opinion is that remote attendance is a distant second choice to attending in person, and we should have as a primary goal to not compromise the in-person experience.  I expect our first attempt in July will have some compromises that will impact in-person attendance due to many challenges involved, but we should keep the goal clearly in mind even as we do the best we can to accommodate those stuck with remote attendance.

The decision for July is made and IMO should stand.  Many people are now able to travel and many more will be in July, pending the "it's always something" still we need to get on with things.  Keeping in mind our primary mission is to develop relevant standards. Any ideas which can help those who are unable to travel to Montreal are welcome by our meeting organizers and tech team, I'm sure.  Lacking specific suggestions to "do the best we can", I don't see what we can do other than sympathize. Sympathy and $6 (6.60 Canadian) will get you a coffee 😉.  So what suggestions can you bring to make the meeting more successful?


From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** <> on behalf of Steve Shellhammer <sshellha@QTI.QUALCOMM.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2022 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] July Plenary

Hi John,


                It is my understanding that the July plenary will be Mixed-Mode.   Presumably, John can confirm.


                It is my position that if we hold a meeting in a location where there are any Covid-related travel restrictions we need to support Mixed-Mode.


                Many locations are dropping their Covid-related travel restrictions, but until that become ubiquitous, we are likely going to need to support Mixed-Mode meetings.


                We can also start to select locations that do not have these Covid-related travel restrictions.





From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** <> On Behalf Of John D'Ambrosia
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2022 6:08 PM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] July Plenary


WARNING: This email originated from outside of Qualcomm. Please be wary of any links or attachments, and do not enable macros.


Sorry for the late response – tried to take a couple of days PTO – but we all know how that goes.


Thanks for your response below.   The reason why I asked this was I saw in your Exec Sec report that you had “Travel authorizations from / to countries” under your items to consider for in-person sessions.


I am sure you can understand why I feel asking anyone to give up 3 weeks of their lives in quarantine after attending a plenary meeting doesn’t feel fair – and begs the question is there another option we can offer?


This leads me to my next question and given my prior misinterpretation of your report – I don’t wish to do again. You note in your presentation – mixed mode meeting requirements.  However, it is not clear to me one way or the other what we are doing for July.  Will there be mixed mode support?  This is not noted on the meeting announcement page (which IMO – should be noted).


I do not believe the EC has made any sort of decision on mixed mode support for the July Plenary.  Will you be addressing this in your future meetings agenda item for the April teleconference?  I hope so as I think it needs to be addressed, and probably should have an EC motion backing it up.


Given my recent discovery regarding what participants may have to deal with in getting back to their own countries – I think this has taken on new meaning.






From: Jon Rosdahl <>
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2022 8:31 PM
To: John D'Ambrosia <>
Cc: George Zimmerman <>;
Subject: Re: July Plenary



   If we were to have the meeting in Canada today, the rules of Entry to Canada would be different than they will be on April 1st.

The rules for re-entry to anyone's country of Origin may be different next week also.


You are correct, I am not trying to track everyone's return requirements.  That is an exercise for those that are most familiar with the respective country.


I spoke to Sha Wei (SASB Member in Beijing) this morning, and the requirements that she described to me were different from what your colleagues described.

Does that mean one or the other is wrong?  No, it means that in China, there are some City specific requirements as well as Country requirements.


I am not going to claim to be an expert on reentry requirements for any country. 

I can only ask that you (and everyone else) please look at the requirements, and make decisions on personal travel accordingly.


We are looking forward to the relaxing of the COVID-19 requirements around the world. 

I am optimistic that this will occur.

My Hope is that by July Plenary, we will have sufficient numbers in person to justify the mixed mode format.


The reality is that each individual that can travel in July should make the reservation


(Remember to put the room type in the comments -- this is an issue with the hotel reservation system ).


The Hotel Reservation count (about 20% as of today) is a better barometer than the strawpolls.

Let's see how many are willing and able to attend in July, and lead with that information.


Kind Regards,



Jon Rosdahl                             Engineer, Senior Staff
IEEE 802 Executive Secretary   Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
office: 801-492-4023
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cell:   801-376-6435                   Highland, UT 84003

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On Wed, Mar 23, 2022 at 4:59 PM <> wrote:

Jon / George,

In the past week I have been contacted by people asking about the July Plenary in Montreal.  One individual who lives in Canada is very concerned about attendance at the event and told me I should talk with my colleagues in China about what it takes to go back to China from Canada.

I spoke to one of my colleagues this week from China, who is actually dealing with this right now, and as he described to me, it is a significant decision for him.  First, he told me he is required to get 4 covid tests within the week of leaving.  While a hassle, I could understand people saying that’s not so bad.  However, he also told me that once back in China, he needs to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks where he is not permitted to leave his room, and after the two weeks if ok, goes to another hotel for another week where it isn’t as restrictive.  So attending this meeting will require him to quarantine away from his family for three weeks in these hotels.  While clearly a cost issue for the companies paying for this – I think it is a pretty big request of us to make of our participants.

I looked through the material that has been presented, and Jon’s executive secretary report indicates that entering and exiting Canada is being monitored.  I will say that I remember more discussion about getting into Canada than exiting. 

I realize this is a large task given all of the various countries that people are attending from – but are we aware of the burden our participants will have to deal with globally to leave the July Plenary.  I looked in the report, and I did not see any of this really addressed.  If I missed something, I apologize – but I would like to understand this better.

I do realize that this will be used to support the argument for hybrid meetings.  However, the reality is, and I think that there is general agreement about this, that there is an inherent value in being able to meet F2F, which is why we are trying to push ahead.  Given this new info I learned – it seems that the investment that different individuals must make, will differ greatly based on their geographic location, and I have reservations about that.

Thanks in advance.

John D’Ambrosia


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