IEEE Std 1450.2-2002: Extensions to STIL for DC Level Specification

This page reflects the development and history of the STIL Extensions for DC Level Specifications, showcased as IEEE Std. 1450.2-2002.

Please refer to the Main Page for a overview of the STIL effort and on-going activities for this effort. The Executive Overview is a good place to understand the intent of this effort.

The original Project Authorization Request (PAR) for P1450.2 defines the scope of this part of the STIL project. This effort was accepted as a standard by the IEEE in December 2002, and is currently undergoing publication preparation. It is expected to be in print (PDF) mid-April 2003 and in hardcopy early May 2003.

A separate P1450.2 mail reflector for this effort was maintained by Gregg Wilder during the Working Group effort. Please contact Gregg directly if you have interest in this effort.

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Minutes of 1450.2 Meetings
Date Location Purpose / Agenda / Minutes
Feb 7, 2002 phone conference P1450.2 First Cycle Ballot Resolution Meeting 2 / Minutes
Jan 24, 2002 phone conference P1450.2 First Cycle Ballot Resolution Meeting / Agenda Minutes
July 12, 2001 phone conference P1450.2 Final Document Approval Meeting / Minutes
June 28, 2001 phone conference P1450.2 Internal Review Resolution Meeting / Minutes
Aug 10-11, 2000 IBM, Portland, ME P1450.1,P1450.2 Meeting / Agenda / Minutes
Feb. 21-22, 2000 Microchip, Chandler, AZ P1450.1,P1450.2 Meeting / Agenda/ Minutes
Dec. 9-10, 1999 TI, Dallas, TX P1450.1,P1450.2 Meeting / Agenda/ Minutes
Oct. 1, 1999 Room 315, Atlantic City Conv. Center P1450.1 Discussion / Minutes

1450.2 Historic Document Repository password-protected
Cycle Close Date Document Reviewed Resolutions
First Recirc Aug. 30, 2002 Ballot Doc 2 (PDF)
Ballot Oct. 18, 2001 Ballot Doc 1(PDF) Ballot Res (PDF)

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