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Re: [RPRWG] Do you all love the Terms and Definitions Proposed Comment Resolutions?


I have informed Bob S. of the fact that my comments do not appear in the proposed T&D comment resolution.  Apparently something went wrong in the process.  I am yet to see any resolution and frankly do not feel that I should have to send 9 emails to the list!

Regards, Siamack

RDLove wrote:

All, I am very concerned about the lack of postings about changes you would like to see to the proposed T&D comment resolution.  Perhaps you have studied the proposed comment resolution and decided that a super job was done.  If so, great.  If not, then we are doing ourselves and 802.17 a disservice with our lack of review and posting of our concerns.  With 253 comments to resolve it is imperative that we review the proposed resolutions ahead of the meeting and get our feedback to the comment resolution group (i.e. by posting our concerns about the comment resolutions to the reflector).  We will not have time at the meeting to consider fresh concerns developed during a reading of the comments at the meeting.  Because we have no time for first looking at comments then, I will propose that our review of the T&D document on Thursday be restricted to comments for which concerns have been reported in writing (or electronically) to Bob and Bob by noon Tuesday. This document is simple to review.  The hard one will be the draft.  The only way we can maintain our schedule will be if people take review of both the working group documents and the proposed comment resolutions seriously. We have a great opportunity to move 802.17 ahead on a number of fronts next week.  Let' capitalize on that opportunity. Best regards, Robert D. Love
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