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RE: [RPRWG] Destination Address of RPR control messages


Beg to differ. Zero is "officially" owned by Xerox,
although commonly used by other standards to represent
a NULL value.

Check it out at:

However, there is an pending action request to the
IEEE from its MSC committee to make zero a NULL value.


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> I believe there was some discussion on this topic in relation
> to a comment at the last meeting. The point was brought up that
> all-zeros is an illegal value for a MAC address. Essentially,
> an all-zeros address is a globally-administered (universal)
> address, for which an OUI must have been supplied by the IEEE
> Registration Authority. To the best of my knowledge, no OUI
> of all-zeros has been issued. Unless P802.17 wishes to request
> the Registration Authority to issue them the all-zeros OUI,
> use of an all-zeros MAC address is illegal.
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> - Tom Alexander
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> Subject: [RPRWG] Destination Address of RPR control messages
> According to Clause 8 in D0.2, the destination address
> is set to "all zeros" for hop-by-hop control packets,
> and "all ones" for broadcast control packets.
> Other IEEE 802 MACs use reserved multicast addresses to
> identify MAC control frames.  For example, IEEE 802.3
> flow control frames are sent with a destination address 
> of 01-80-C2-00-00-01.  These frames are only sent on
> full-duplex Ethernet links and must not be forwarded
> by the MAC.
> Is there any reason for deviating from the standard
> practice?
> -Anoop
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