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RE: [RPRWG] Destination Address of RPR control messages

I believe there was some discussion on this topic in relation
to a comment at the last meeting. The point was brought up that
all-zeros is an illegal value for a MAC address. Essentially,
an all-zeros address is a globally-administered (universal)
address, for which an OUI must have been supplied by the IEEE
Registration Authority. To the best of my knowledge, no OUI
of all-zeros has been issued. Unless P802.17 wishes to request
the Registration Authority to issue them the all-zeros OUI,
use of an all-zeros MAC address is illegal.

Best regards,

- Tom Alexander
Chief Editor, P802.17

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Subject: [RPRWG] Destination Address of RPR control messages

According to Clause 8 in D0.2, the destination address
is set to "all zeros" for hop-by-hop control packets,
and "all ones" for broadcast control packets.

Other IEEE 802 MACs use reserved multicast addresses to
identify MAC control frames.  For example, IEEE 802.3
flow control frames are sent with a destination address 
of 01-80-C2-00-00-01.  These frames are only sent on
full-duplex Ethernet links and must not be forwarded
by the MAC.

Is there any reason for deviating from the standard

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