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Re: IEEE 802 Rules Change Ballot--Elimination of Friday Plenary Meeting

At 10:29 15/04/00 -0400, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>Per Geoff Thompson's excellent suggestion, attached you will find proposed
>text for the IEEE Rules change to eliminate the Friday plenary meeting (Bob
>Grow thanks for providing the edits) INCLUDING the strikethrough of removed
>text attached.
>The ballot opened April 14th 5pm EDT and closes June 1st 5pm EDT.
>Howard, can you please place this rules change on the web
>site in the IEEE 802 Opertating Rules and Other Documents subsection under
>the heading "Proposed Rules Change".
>Buzz, per our rules, rules change ballots are to be distributed to all 802
>attendees--please notify the 802 list that a rules change is pending and
>they can go to "" and click on "Proposed
>Rules Change" to obtain the text.

Paul/Buzz - I haven't seen any notification distributed to all of 802 yet - 
did I just miss it?