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Re: Mistake occured in sending the press release yesterday-urgent

Dear All:

I received an email from Jim which showed that there was an error.

The error was inadvertent on my part. In my address book, I have two
address groups:

1. The IEEE 802 group that has list of friends who care about me deeply.

2. IEEE 802 SEC address.

They are next to each other in the address book.

I inadvertently used the SEC group instead of the other. I was quickly
called for a conference meeting and pressed SEND.

I cannot correct it. But, the mistake is noted.

On behalf of Megaxess, I sincerely apologize that this mistake has

I hope that you will forgive us and ensure that you erased in your minds
what I sent.

Thanks and hope to see you all.

Auf Weiderzen


Dhadesugoor R. Vaman
Chairman & CEO


      The QoS Assurance Company
   T: 301-540-2600  F: 301-540-4600

This email may contain confidential and
proprietary information.  Any use or
disclosure of this information requires
prior express written approval of MEGAXESS.