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Re: [802SEC] Spam on email reflectors

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"limit participation of those without a legitimate business .com 
email address"?

Surely you jest!


>Mike, I don't know of any 802 reflectors that are closed to notes from
>outsiders.  However, I know of no good reasons not to do so.  As long as the
>chair's email address (and the addresses of the other Working Group
>officers) is posted on the web site, serious inquiries can always be sent
>there.  I have certainly had my share of  "I am a student in Bolivia and
>want to know all about 802 standards.  Please send me the information".  If
>these students have a way of finding our email addresses, more serious
>inquirers certainly can.  I expect Spam will become a worse problem over
>time, rather than less severe.  It may also be just a matter of time before
>we get more offensive spamming, then the one we got today.  If anyone on the
>reflector abuses that privilege, then that offending email id can certainly
>be withdrawn.  In addition, you can limit participation of those without a
>legitimate business .com email address to people whose names and or phone
>numbers you can independently verify, or even to participants in 802.17.
>Does anyone out there have any really good reasons to keep the Working Group
>reflectors open to non-members?
>Best regards,
>Robert D. Love
>Chair, Resilient Packet Ring Alliance
>President, LAN Connect Consultants
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>Phone: 919 848-6773       Mobile: 919 810-7816
>email:          Fax: 720 222-0900
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>From: "Mike Takefman" <>
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>Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2001 3:00 PM
>Subject: [802SEC] Spam on email reflectors
>>  Replies sent only to originator.  Use "reply all" to reply to the list
>>  People,
>>  I recall a recent spate of spam on the SEC reflector and the
>>  discussion on whether posting policies should be open or
>>  closed.
>>  My reflector just got spammed today and some of my members
>>  have suggested I restrict posting to members of the
>>  mailing list.
>>  Does any other group restrict access in a similar manner?
>>  cheers,
>>  mike
>>  --
>>  Michael Takefman    
>>  Manager HW Engineering,       Cisco Systems
>>  Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
>>  2000 Innovation Dr, Ottawa, Canada, K2K 3E8
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