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Re: [802SEC] Corrected Ballot Results: +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Release of 802 funds for Get802 program

At 12:10 18/04/2002 -0700, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>At 08:57 AM 4/18/02 +0100, Tony Jeffree wrote:
>>Howard -
>>I agree with your comments; my "Disapprove" was intended to allow us to 
>>defer the decision until we have a clearer view of what will happen with 
>>the program, not to trash the Get802 program. I do want the program to 
>>continue - I would be even happier if it could be funded in a way that 
>>allows it to continue without the 6-month waiting period, but I would 
>>settle for it just to continue.
>If the impact of the program is as we have been told, i.e. that almost 
>everyone was willing to wait the 6 months, then the financial impact of 
>immediate availability SHOULD be minimal.

Sounds good to me.