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[802SEC] Issue items for BoG and 802 meeting in July 2002

Dear SEC,
Attached you will find the note we sent the IEEE-SA BoG inviting them to co-locate their meeting with ours in July.  They have accepted and we will have the opportunity to formally discuss issues of common interest to 802 and the BoG on Friday from 5-6pm.  I also encourage you and members of your WGs to be observers of the BoG meetings so that we can get an appreciation for their activities.
Remember we recommended that the BoG and 802 each come into the meeting with a list of issues with one singled out for deeper discussion during the joint 5-6pm Friday meeting.
From my perspective the list (in priority order) is as follows:
0) Improve communications and cooperation between BoG and 802
1) Get802 program
2) Conformance/certification policy
3) Trademark policy
4) Support from BoG to facilitate the development and dissemination for 802 standards
Does anyone have anything to add (or delete)?  Any suggestions on the above prioritization?
--Paul Nikolich
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We had a very productive session with the IEEE-SA staff and Dick Holleman this evening at the Standards Board meeting addressing the issues that were raised at last week's 802 plenary session.  Attached you will find a letter in response to your inquiries for co-locating the BoG and IEEE802 plenary session in July 2002.   The 802 executive committee is unanimously in favor of co-located the sessions--please read the attached note and we can finalize the logistics when we meet tomorrow at the Standards Board meeting.
Best regards,
--Paul Nikolich

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