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FW: [802SEC] Issue items for BoG and 802 meeting in July 2002


Topics for Discussion with the IEEE-SA Board of Govenors:

(1) The interests of the IEEE-SA are often out of alignment with those of
the volunteers, so that the two are too often working at cross purposes.  In
order to aid in understanding each others goals, we need to clarify the
roles and responsibilities of the IEEE-SA Staff, IEEE-SA BoG and the IEEE
802 Sponsor.
Suggestion: Ensure that staff values the standards developers and
understands their goals. Likewise, be open with volunteers concerning staff
goals. Be open to procedural changes to align the efforts.

(2) The high cost of standards limits the accessibility of our work and
makes IEEE less competitive in attracting standards programs.
Suggestion: Reconfigure the IEEE-SA as a lean organization able to thrive
revenue from sales of individual standards.

(3)--The objective of the current Conformance/Certification policy must be
clarified.  IEEE 802 believes IEEE-SA should focus on exclusively on
facilitating the publication and maintainence of high quality standards, and
not get involved in conformance/certification activities.
Suggestion: IEEE-SA should encourage product vendors to self-certify their
implementations using whatever process/mechanism is acceptable to the
product vendors and their customers.  This policy minimizes liability for
IEEE-SA and is pratical for the industry.

(4)--The Trademark policy is meant to establish IEEE-SA brand identity and
ensure proper acknowledgement in the marketplace.  802 agrees with the
Suggestion: the IEEE-SA ensure the trademark policy to be in line with
current industry practice.

The intent will be to briefly cover all of them, but to focus on the first
one.  The objective will be to identify an action plan to address that
specific issue.


--Paul Nikolich
Chair, IEEE802