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RE: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees

Oops, I was looking at some old budget numbers.  Bill's 2003 forecast for
F&B is $75 to $95 per attendee, this compares to an average of $67 per
attendee in 1999. That's even more room to look at F&B than I originally

NOTE: In 1999 Kauai (post cookie) was $139 per attendee and Austin/Montreal
(precookie) averaged $48.  While some of the difference is venue, most was a
change in F&B expectations began at that Kauai meeting.)


-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Quackenbush []
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 4:17 PM
To: IEEE 802 SEC
Subject: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees

Members of the SEC,

As I indicated in the Treasurer's report at the closing SEC meeting in
July, we need to increase the Plenary meeting registration fees in order
to maintain a reserve adequate to cover the worst case meeting
cancellation penalties.  This criteria requires that 802 maintain a
reserve of at least $125k to cover the worst case primary hotel contract
cancellation penalty.  To achieve this, the Plenary meeting fee must be
raised to at least $275/$325 beginning with the March, 2003 Plenary
meeting.  I have not yet reviewed the secondary hotel contracts. 
Depending on the penalties in these contracts, the increase may need to
be greater.

The budget through 2003 assuming $275/$325 registration fees is attached.

While it appears that the Treasurer does not need approval to set the
Plenary meeting fees (Section 2 of the LMSC Operating Rules), I request
your support for an increase in the Plenary registration fee of at least
$25, but no more than $50 beginning with the March, 2003 Plenary meeting.