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[802SEC] Proud to be a Whiner

Count me as an anti-Albuquerque whiner!  
If I never go there again, it will be too soon.
I am sadly resigned to the fact that we WILL
be meeting in Albuquerque this November,
but I don't like it, and I never will.  The area
is a dump, and the meeting room and sleeping
room space in the hotel is inadequate.

All that said, I hope that the meeting planners
recognize that 802.3 has made the "noble sacrifice"
many times over the last two years. We went to
the overflow hotel in Austin, in Vancouver, and
in Kauai (where we also contributed to the cause
by making do with substandard brownies). We
helped the 802 treasury by going back to
Vancouver this month. As much as I dislike the
Albuquerque Hyatt, the alternatives in the area
are worse, so on behalf of 802.3ah, I respectfully
request that my group's as well as the rest of the 802.3
meetings be located in the Hyatt in Albuquerque.

Having been directly involved in the planning
of multiple meetings, I fully appreciate the
thankless nature of the task, so my whining
is both well informed, and well intentioned.
 From the bottom of my heart, I beseech the
SEC to swear off Albuquerque after
November, 2003.


Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

>Roger,  If you got that impression it was erroneous.  We have the Albuquerque Convention Center right next to the Hyatt and they have plenty of meeting space for us.  People keep whining about Albuquerque, not because it is not good meeting spaces and a low-cast bargain as well, but because they think Albuquerque is a rather uninteresting venue in which to hold a meeting.  Some folks would disagree with that, but I suspect that after this trip we will not choose Albuquerque again because the whiners are louder.   :-)  
>Thanx,  Buzz
>Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
>Boeing - SSG
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>Seattle, WA  98324-2207
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>From: Roger B. Marks [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 12:59 PM
>To: Rigsbee, Everett O
>Subject: status of Albuquerque meeting
>Where do we stand on the site of the November meeting? Is it still set for Albuquerque? 
>Before we passed the single-site motion in Kauai ["That future meeting venues (after today) be chosen on the basis of being able to support the entire body of 802 in meeting spaces within a 400 meter walk."], the discussion indicated that this condition would be tough to satisfy in Albuquerque.