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[802SEC] March Plenary education

Dear Colleagues,

Between the networking and the on-line education vendor searches, I haven't spent much time on planning for an education activity for March. I know that Howard's original idea was to run a cycle of tutorials repeatedly. Initial sessions for P&P, editorial, financial have been presented and we have repeated the P&P session last July. In November we had a presentation on My Ballot instead of having one of the earlier training session.

As an aside, it isn't clear to me whether the intent was to continue the EMS tutorials at plenaries once the on-line education was in place or not. My own feeling is that once the on-line ones are up it won't make sense to repeat the same content in person though there may be other activities that can be done instead. For the long run I will want feedback on that, but on to the current issue of March.

I've got 4 alternatives to propose and the argument for them:
1. Repeat the editorial, Framemaker and Style Manual tutorial. There is a continuous cycle of new projects starting and so may have a new crop of editors needing training now.

2. Repeat the financial tutorial. I don't know of any new treasurers so I'm not sure whether this is needed right now.

3. Process Panel discussion - We have gone over the canned process presentation a couple of times. Now it is time for a more interactive Q&A session with a panel of experienced IEEE 802 leaders and IEEE staff.

4. Don't have an EMS tutorial this time. There already are a number of technical tutorials scheduled.

I would like feedback on what you would find most useful in March.


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