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Re: [802SEC] March Plenary education


Thanks for following up on this.  I think your suggestion of a Process Panel
discussion is excellent--an interactive discussion among interested members
and experienced panelists would be of significant value I believe.  We do
have a bit of a problem in scheduling something like this, ideally we would
want to hold this during a time when regular WG meetings are not
scheduled--I'll leave that up to you and Buzz to work out.



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Subject: [802SEC] March Plenary education

> Dear Colleagues,
> Between the networking and the on-line education vendor searches, I
> haven't spent much time on planning for an education activity for March. I
> know that Howard's original idea was to run a cycle of tutorials
> repeatedly. Initial sessions for P&P, editorial, financial have been
> presented and we have repeated the P&P session last July. In November we
> had a presentation on My Ballot instead of having one of the earlier
> training session.
> As an aside, it isn't clear to me whether the intent was to continue the
> EMS tutorials at plenaries once the on-line education was in place or not.
> My own feeling is that once the on-line ones are up it won't make sense to
> repeat the same content in person though there may be other activities
> that can be done instead. For the long run I will want feedback on that,
> but on to the current issue of March.
> I've got 4 alternatives to propose and the argument for them:
> 1. Repeat the editorial, Framemaker and Style Manual tutorial. There is a
> continuous cycle of new projects starting and so may have a new crop of
> editors needing training now.
> 2. Repeat the financial tutorial. I don't know of any new treasurers so
> I'm not sure whether this is needed right now.
> 3. Process Panel discussion - We have gone over the canned process
> presentation a couple of times. Now it is time for a more interactive Q&A
> session with a panel of experienced IEEE 802 leaders and IEEE staff.
> 4. Don't have an EMS tutorial this time. There already are a number of
> technical tutorials scheduled.
> I would like feedback on what you would find most useful in March.
> Regards,
> Pat
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