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Re: [802SEC] +++ Motion to withdraw IEEE Std 1802.3


This project's failure to get an appropriate review during reaffirmation 
was cited at the SASB meetings last week as an example of precisely why the 
reaffirmation process needs to be reformed. This effort is well underway in 
RevCom and ProCom.

In the meantime, please vote for this motion.

This standard does contain obsolete information.
It is an instance of one in a series that never materialized.
There is no interest in maintaining it.
It would be only marginally useful were it updated

Thank you,

At 01:48 PM 10/5/2007 , Bob Grow wrote:

Paul has delegated to me the conduct of this ballot.  A 10-day ballot
has this closing on 16 October, but since the December submittal
deadline is 15 October, I request your prompt vote and will close the
ballot early if all have voted.


The IEEE 802.3 WG has determined that IEEE Std 1802.3 contains
significant obsolete information and recommends its withdrawal.
Consequently, in accordance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations
Manual 7.4, the sponsor requests withdrawal of IEEE Std 1802.3.

Moved:  Bob Grow
Second:  John Lemon


1.  IEEE 802.3 WG voted to reaffirm
2.  Initial Sponsor ballot resulted in one disapprove asserting standard 
did not meet criteria for reaffirmation.
3.  WG (as BRC) agreed after discussing comment and recommended by motion 
disapprove vote in recirculation.
4.  Recirculation cover letter and ballot announcement included that WG 
5.  Too few votes flipped to get below 75% approval (even if disapprove 
without comments could be counted).
6.  WG and EC passed motions in November to submit to RevCom and then withdraw.
7.  RevCom reviewed and discussed situation and recommend reaffirmation 
understanding Sponsor planned to withdraw.
8.  SASB approved reaffirmation on consent agenda.
9.  Now time to follow through on plan to withdraw after approval.

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