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Re: [802SEC] Preliminary Tally: +++EC Email Ballot+++Motion for electronic distribution of standards to 802+++


Since the vote is so close on this ballot I would appreciate the privilege 
of trying to put my thumb on the balance.

I urge those who have not voted to vote disapprove.
I urge those who have voted to change their vote to approve.

The program as it currently exists is not broken, not expensive, not 
particularly troublesome to implement and highly popular with our constituents.

If we eliminate it and then try to go back it may not be possible. The CD 
program has always been unpopular with staff and barely tolerated. I 
started the program by just going ahead and doing it. Staff never really 
gave permission for the program. Instead they just tolerated it and set the 

I have always been an advocate of giving our contributors something 
PHYSICAL for their contributions and participation. The CD is the last 
vestige of that. The cost and effort is truly trivial in our scheme of 
things. The archival value of a pressed CD (over burned) has been discussed 

I strongly believe we should keep the program. Please cast/change your vote 
to disapprove (and, presumably, support a subsequent motion to generate and 
press a new CD)

Thank you,


At 12:05 PM 10/5/2007 , Bob O'Hara (boohara) wrote:
>Here is the current tally of the ballot.  Please let me know if I have
>recorded your vote incorrectly.
>If you have not yet voted, please note the current tally and that this
>ballot closes in five days, on 10 October.
>Voters                DNV   APP   DIS   ABS
>CH Paul Nikolich                DNV
>V1 Mat Sherman                          X
>V2 Pat Thaler                           X
>ES Buzz Rigsbee                         X
>RS Bob O'Hara                   X
>TR John Hawkins                 X
>01 Tony Jeffree                 X
>03 Bob Grow                                     X
>11 Stuart Kerry                 X
>15 Bob Heile            DNV
>16 Roger Marks                          X
>17 John  Lemon                          X
>18 Mike Lynch                   X
>19 Steve Shellhammer            X
>20 Arnie Greenspan              X
>21 Vivek Gupta          DNV
>22 Carl Stevenson                               X
>ME Geoff Thompson       non-voting
>TOTALS                          DNV   APP   DIS   ABS
>total:                  -03-  -07-  -07-  -00-
>  -Bob
>Bob O'Hara
>Cisco Systems - WNBU
>Phone:  +1 408 853 5513
>Mobile: +1 408 218 4025
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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.