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Re: [802SEC] +++ Motion to withdraw IEEE Std 1802.3


At 01:48 PM 10/5/2007 -0700, Grow, Bob wrote:
>Paul has delegated to me the conduct of this ballot.  A 10-day ballot
>has this closing on 16 October, but since the December submittal
>deadline is 15 October, I request your prompt vote and will close the
>ballot early if all have voted.
>The IEEE 802.3 WG has determined that IEEE Std 1802.3 contains
>significant obsolete information and recommends its withdrawal.
>Consequently, in accordance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations
>Manual 7.4, the sponsor requests withdrawal of IEEE Std 1802.3.
>Moved:  Bob Grow
>Second:  John Lemon
>1.  IEEE 802.3 WG voted to reaffirm
>2.  Initial Sponsor ballot resulted in one disapprove asserting standard
>did not meet criteria for reaffirmation.
>3.  WG (as BRC) agreed after discussing comment and recommended by
>motion disapprove vote in recirculation.
>4.  Recirculation cover letter and ballot announcement included that WG
>5.  To few votes flipped to get below 75% approval (even if disapprove
>without comments could be counted).
>6.  WG and EC passed motions in November to submit to RevCom and then
>7.  RevCom reviewed and discussed situation and recommend reaffirmation
>understanding Sponsor planned to withdraw.
>8.  SASB approved reaffirmation on consent agenda.
>9.  Now time to follow through on plan to withdraw after approval.
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