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Re: [802SEC] P802.3at PAR and Five Criteria (Residential Ethernet)


I agree 100%.

If the WG Chair were not so accommodating as Bob, I would refer my WG
to his SEC note, e.g.:
which includes the URLs.


At 00:03 +0000 2005-02-11, Tony Jeffree wrote:
>At 23:45 10/02/2005, Grow, Bob wrote:
>>I will supply you with a URL for these documents when they are
>>posted to our public web pages.
>Bob -
>I would very much appreciate that - it would save me either
>gratuitously overloading WG members' in-trays, or having to put
>copies of the files on the 802.1 website.
>Other WG Chairs that have recently circulated PARs/5C's PLEASE NOTE
>- we seem to be repeatedly having this conversation (agreeing to
>circulate URLs, NOT files) but there are precious few that actually
>do it.

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